About Two Kings

Full service internetbureau for Artisanal Webdevelopment based in The Hague.

Artisanal web design?

Absolutely. Even modern technology can be artisanal. It's not just about what you do, the difference lies in how you do it.

Artisanal means the following to us:

  • Customisation: truly getting to know the customer & creating what the customer genuinely needs
  • Craftsmanship: expertise & honest advice
  • Quality: durable & solid
  • Service: taking care of & resolving issues


We create what our customers genuinely need. No off-the-rack, no dime a dozen solutions, but customised work. To provide this, we must genuinely get to know our customers. That's why we prefer long-term relationships. We delve into the depths of the organisation, ask questions, and then assemble the most ideal team from our specialists.


Each of us has our own expertise; in a team, we enhance one another. We never stop learning and always strive for improvement: we not only learn from each other, but each project brings new knowledge, ideas, and solutions. And our customers benefit from this.

We take questions and wishes seriously and always provide sound advice. If something isn't a good idea technically, we'll just say so. With an explanation as to why. And we'll suggest an alternative that does work.


We don't settle for good enough; we aim for the best possible solution. If the foundation is solid, you can rely on it for a long time. What we deliver is as maintenance-friendly as possible: easy to expand and modify. Organisations constantly change, and so do their needs. It's nice to have someone who knows the organisation and the website inside out to talk to.


We like to make our customers' lives a little easier. That's why we also take care of hosting, server maintenance, and maintenance of the websites we create. Whatever the issue, a customer just needs to call us, and we'll handle the rest. For the majority of our customers, we continue to maintain and develop their sites.

Our customers appreciate this and know where to find us. Calling, emailing, or even stopping by: we'll make time for it.

Wishes and feedback

Lastly, we translate our customers' wishes into features for the next version of our CMS Bolt. Because it can always be even better, more maintenance-friendly, and more customer-friendly than it already is.

That too is what artisanal means to us.

A The Hague-based agency

We make no secret of feeling connected to The Hague. It's not difficult when you're located in one of the city's nicest neighbourhoods: the Zeeheldenkwartier. Moreover, most of us live in The Hague or nearby, and we have a significant number of local clients.

We are partners with Museon-Omniversum and collaborate with EMMA, The Hague Finest, and Haagsblauw, among others. We get our lunch (and sometimes dinner if necessary!) from our neighbours. Supporting local businesses fits right in with our ethos.

We notice that working with local partners is becoming increasingly important to customers. It's simply more pleasant. For example, because we already know the cultural climate and understand the challenges our customers face. Or simply because dropping by for a meeting is just a 10-minute bike ride away. This makes the intensive collaboration we prefer much easier.

And with all of our active, cultural, and socially engaged customers, attending their events is no great undertaking. So if we can, we'll be there. After all, there are far worse ways to get to know our customers better!

Need a breath of fresh air?

Need a breath of fresh air? Or do you want to work with a partner that knows the local climate? Just drop by. Enjoy the sea breeze, our coffee and our expertise. 

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