Professional Step-by-Step Approach.

First Meeting

At Two Kings, we begin our collaboration with an informal and non-binding introductory conversation. This is the moment when we map out your vision and objectives for your website in concrete terms. What do you want to achieve? Who do you want to reach? We listen carefully and advise you on the technical and creative possibilities that match your needs. After this conversation, you will receive from us a clear quotation and a structured project proposal that will form the basis for our work. No surprises, just a transparent plan of action.

Preliminary Research

The preliminary research phase is where we lay the foundation for a high-performing website. We start with a thorough analysis of the current situation: what works, what could be better, and how does your current online presence align with your business goals? Then, we define together the desired functionality of your new website, always with the end goal in mind. With this information, we develop system specifications that serve as a blueprint for the construction. We also look at how to seamlessly integrate the new site with existing systems, whether it's CRM, e-commerce, or data management. This preliminary research ensures that we build not just a website that looks good, but one that also strategically contributes to the success of your business.

Design Phase

In the design phase, we switch to a structured project approach. Using project management tools like Trello, we set up a transparent project organization, complete with timelines and milestones, to keep the progress of the project clear and measurable. The development of the customer journey is central; we meticulously map the end-user's experience, from the first visit to the desired action. Based on this, we develop a functional design that defines the functionalities and interactions within the website. We then proceed to create wireframes, where we determine the layout of the pages in consultation with you. This collaborative process ensures that the final designs are not only innovative and user-friendly but also perfectly align with your vision and objectives.

Development Phase

The development phase is where we bring the blueprints to life. For the front end, we use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create a visually appealing and intuitive interface that works seamlessly across all devices. On the back end, we establish robust and flexible systems like Bolt or Craft CMS, or we develop custom solutions using PHP and the Symfony framework, depending on the project requirements.

Integration with external systems is a crucial step. We ensure that your website communicates perfectly with required CRM systems or other APIs, allowing for a smooth and uninterrupted flow of data. This technical cohesion enables you to work more efficiently and offers your visitors a seamless experience. It's a process where precision and technical expertise are paramount, with the end goal being a stable, fast, and secure website.

System Setup and Completion

After the development, we focus on system setup. This starts with the creation of a Git repository for version control and a DTAP (Development, Testing, Acceptance, Production) pipeline for structured deployment. This ensures a smooth transition from development to going live. The web server and DNS are meticulously configured to ensure that the site is fast and reliable for users around the world.

Next, the website undergoes a thorough testing phase to ensure that everything functions flawlessly from a technical standpoint. At the same time, you as the client have the opportunity to edit and expand the content, so that the site is filled with relevant and engaging information at launch.

After the testing phase, we move to the acceptance phase, where you as the client have the opportunity to review and approve the final product. Once the website meets all requirements, we proceed to completion and offer training to the editors who will manage the site. This training ensures that your team can confidently take control, with the knowledge to keep the site up-to-date and to facilitate its growth.

SLA Phase

As soon as your website goes live, the SLA (Service Level Agreement) phase typically begins. This part of our service focuses on continuity and reliability. Any bugs are addressed and resolved quickly and efficiently. You get direct lines to contacts - often the developers you already know - so you always know who to turn to with questions or for updates.

We provide a ticketing system for reporting issues and, if necessary, offer uptime monitoring to ensure your website's availability. Our team is ready to perform the necessary maintenance and management to keep the website running smoothly.

Additionally, our service includes the possibility of light further development. We look to the future together: what new features could add value, how can the website grow with your organization, and what technological developments can we implement? If desired, we assist with the planning for subsequent phases and future project development. Our SLA is more than a maintenance contract - it's a promise of ongoing support and innovation.

Multiple Partners?

Is your situation unique? Do you have specific wishes, or are you already working with a fixed visual designer, or do you have your own management department? No problem. At Two Kings, we understand that each collaboration can be different, and flexibility is one of our strongest points. Contact us and explain what you need. Together, we will find a way of working that suits your organization. We are ready to make a tailored proposal, where your preferences and our expertise come together for the best result.

What we make

"Bridging Role in IT: Intermediary for External Services

Two Kings can act as your intermediary to the complex world of external IT providers. Whether it involves data, applications, hosting, or other technical services, we offer the expertise to make the right connections. We take the time to understand your specific needs and match them with the appropriate IT solutions and service providers. Our goal is to ensure a smooth integration and hassle-free interaction between your organization and external IT partners, allowing you to focus on what you do best.

Accessibility: Online Inclusivity

At Two Kings, we not only build robust websites, but we also ensure they are accessible to everyone. We meticulously follow the WCAG guidelines to ensure that our sites meet the highest standards of web accessibility. Whether it's a requirement from your organization's policy or because you consider it essential, we are ready to advise you on the necessary adjustments in text and visuals. Our goal is to provide a seamless, inclusive user experience for all visitors, regardless of their limitations or needs.

GDPR and Privacy

At Two Kings, we employ a 'privacy-first' approach in all our web development projects. We understand the importance of data protection and adhere to the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Our websites are crafted with a focus on privacy, ensuring that user personal data is protected from the start. We aim to create secure, transparent, and GDPR-compliant online environments, providing users with a confident and safe browsing experience.

Browsercheck is a simple tool that provides essential information about your web browser - the kind of information that can be invaluable when you need technical support. If you're experiencing issues with website functionality or performance, Browsercheck quickly helps you identify your browser's specifications. This data can be crucial for our support department to effectively and efficiently assist in resolving your issues.

Bolt CMS

Two Kings is not just the developer but also the headquarters of Bolt CMS, our own open-source Content Management System. This system is precisely built on the robust Symfony framework and is the result of our passion for new technologies and our desire to create something that truly makes an impact. Our aim is to make working with a CMS more accessible and enjoyable for everyone, from small businesses to large organizations.

Bolt is completely open-source and free from licensing fees, a choice that underscores our philosophy of freedom and collaboration. With our extensive experience in web development, we thoroughly understand our clients' needs. We use this knowledge to provide a CMS with Bolt that not only meets these expectations but also exceeds them.

For those who want to dive deeper into what Bolt can do, we have an extensive showcase ready!

Flexible Billing: Aligned with Your Financial Planning

At Two Kings, we know that the timing of billing can be as crucial as the work itself, especially for projects with tight deadlines or when budgets must be allocated within a fiscal year. Whether you need quick delivery with billing afterwards, or require advance billing to allocate budgets, we accommodate your financial processes and cycles. We adapt to your administrative requirements, enabling you to focus on launching your website without the hassle of billing concerns. Flexibility in billing is one of the many ways we cater to our clients' specific needs.

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What we work with

symfony company logo
  • Symfony
  • PHP
  • Twig
  • API
bolt cms logo
  • Bolt
  • Ticketing
  • Campaign Monitor
  • Mailchimp
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  • Salesforce
  • CiviCRM
  • Trengo
  • ... and more!
Craft CMS
  • Craft
  • Multiple languages
  • Forms
  • Mailing
What we stand for

At Two Kings, everything we do is centered around commitment, innovation, and sustainability - these are the principles we unconditionally stand for.

  • Your Ownership: What we create, is yours. 
  • Transparency: No fine print, no vendor lock-in. 
  • Reliability: Building on long-term relationships. 
  • Honesty: Genuine advice, no empty promises. 
  • Quality: Semantic, maintainable code. 
  • Functionality: Tailor-made, just what you need. 
  • Innovation: No outdated techniques, yes to open source. 
  • Dialogue: Asking questions over making assumptions. 
  • Service: The customer is central. 
  • Flexibility: Open to new challenges. 

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